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This has a Malthusian ring to it: “Of course, spreading more quickly over the long term will often require choosing to spread less quickly over the short term. This is not a paradox. Continued growth passed a certain point takes foresight, and an understanding that resources for growth will be limited until the time comes when we figure out how to unlock more of nature’s free energy supply.”

Are you aware of nuclear power, which has been demonized by Malthusians and other special interests? How about we set about unlocking this now?

As far as avoiding world wars, how about we all agree to push for a peace negotiation between USA and Russia now? Yes, USA , whose proxy war is being fought in Ukraine and, along with UK lapdog has actively prevented peace talks.

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Great summary!

Re "These efforts and the underlying ideology of the emergence paradigm will be part of an attempt to influence an emerging third party in America called the Forward Party. "

This is very interesting. I wish all the best to Andrew Yang and the Forward Party. God (or cosmic evolution) knows that we need more and more politicians who take distance from both left insanity and right insanity, and are willing to work with people of different ideological persuasion for the common good. Here's to radical moderates!

Of course what voters are mostly interested in is how to put food on the table for their family, find a good school where their kids won't be shot, etc. But if they hear good answers for all these things (and Yang's answers seem good), they'll also be interested in a coherent philosophy for our times.

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Sounds like a lot of exciting stuff in the works! My only qualm is that humans have a poor track record around giving up power so it seems unlikely we will willingly "assist the cosmos in its process of awakening" or "play our part" if it requires relinquishing power (or convenience, comfort, etc) to something higher in the stack than ourselves. Unwillingly, maybe. Could be an ugly transition... let's hope not! Either way, I think it's well observed that humans do better when applying themselves to something bigger than themselves. This could literally be that.

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Great to see a place where ideas and concepts of your book can evolve and be shared. Looking forward to what will come.

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A great summary of everything I love about complexity science! Thanks Bobby for making it easier to understand such complicated scientific research.

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